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FI Suomi Sanakirja, version 1.1

Connect to the Finnish wiktionary project when you're discronnected from the net!

Available on the App Store

Available on the App Store :-)

The Finnish dictionary and thesaurus that works everywhere!

We all know that there are some remote locations in Finland. After a long day in the sauna, don't be frusterated when you find out your dictionary app needs an internet connection to work. Download this app and tap into the knowledge of Wiktionary, anywhere. Avoid paying crazy roaming charges and use it when you are abroad. Need to study on that plane ride to Bangcock? Not sure about the sketchy internet connection on the train ride to your holiday getaway? Plan ahead, download it now! The App features bookmarking articles so you can recall articles faster. We didn't waste precious screen space with advertisements, this App is Ad-Free and features a clean interface.